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This is a Facebook online class on how to create this creation- Black Charm, a royal icing creation designed by Kelvin Chua.


Black Charm class will be run in a private Facebook group that you will be able to join after you have paid. Once purchased you will be added into the Facebook private group and can watch the recorded videos right away.


No expiry date, therefore you can watch the videos anytime you want.


What you will learn:

✅ Making royal icing with meringue powder

✅ Making royal icing with egg white powder

✅ Making royal icing with fresh egg white

✅ Transferring images with non-toxic pencils

✅ Essential piping techniques e.g.: piping lines, curve lines, and dots

✅ Piping royal icing filigree lace piece

✅ Making royal icing run-out pieces

✅ Making royal icing filigree butterflies

✅ Making royal icing filigree hat

✅ Master the technique of royal icing brush embroidery

✅ Piping royal icing string work


*** Don't worry if you don't do cake because you can always apply these techniques when decorating cookies!


Approx. USD 59

Black Charm Online Workshop

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