1 fee for 2 classes !!!

Bonus class: Stained Glass Peacock !!!

📣 Facebook live online tutorial !

📣 Recorded videos after live !


This is a Facebook Live online class on how to create this timeless peacock creation- Glory, a design created by Kelvin Chua back in 2013 which had conquered 23 countries to date.


The Glory class will be run in a private Facebook group that you will be able to join after you have paid.


Once purchased you can watch Kelvin create the cake live on selected dates and watch the videos back whenever you missing Kelvin and his bird.


📣*** Techniques will be taught ***

✅ Making royal icing (meringue powder, egg white powder & fresh egg white)

✅ How to transfer image using royal icing

✅ Making peacock feathers

✅ Making bas relief effect with royal icing and sugarpaste

✅ Royal icing brush embroidery technique

✅ Royal icing basic pressure piping technique

✅ Royal icing scratched piping technique

✅ Painting technique with edible colours

✅ Painting with gold


Kelvin will be demonstrating on Styrofoam dummy cakes which will be pre-covered with sugarpaste and the cake is approximately 15 inches tall.


📣*** How much? ***

RM 350


📣*** Who can join? ***

Everyone is welcomed. You do not need to be an experienced cake decorator or experienced royal icing piper but you must have internet connection and Facebook account.


📣*** How to join? ***

✅ MALAYSIA students:

kindly PM or email us at: vinismart@hotmail.com


✅ If you are based OUTSIDE MALAYSIA:

kindly click on this link to purchase: https://www.vinismsugarart.com/product-page/facebook-live-glory-workshop


✅ When checking out the online store in the website, click on the ‘Check out with PayPal’ button, you can then pay via PayPal or with your credit card.


✅ Remember to fill in your name and email address.


✅ After you have paid, you will receive an email with your unique order number and a downloadable PDF file (please ensure to check your junk mail too).


✅ Open the PDF file, click the link on the first page and it will take you to the Facebook private group.


✅ Request to join group (you will need to provide your unique order number when joining) and wait for us to accept you into the group (we have to do that manually and we will try our best to do it within 24 hours).


✅ Remember, each order number is only entitled for one person so please do not share the order number with others.

If for any reason you have any troubles when joining, please message us.

Note: No refund after payment.


📣*** Which language? ***

Kelvin will teach in English. Don’t worry if English is not your main language because Kelvin speaks very basic English that most non-English speakers can understand 😀


⏰*** When is live? ***

The class will be split into 3 separate Facebook lives:

🔔*Session 1 (5th October 2020, Monday, 9.00pm Malaysia time) (please ask Google what time in your country).

Run time approx. 120 minutes.


🔔*Session 2 (6th October 2020, Tuesday, 9.00pm Malaysia time) (please ask Google what time in your country).

Run time approx. 120 minutes.


🔔*Session 3 (7th October 2020, Wednesday, 9.00pm Malaysia time) (please ask Google what time in your country).

A Q&A session on anything you need to ask about making the cake. Even if you do not have any questions you can still come and say hi to Kelvin.

Run time approx. 90 minutes.


📣*** Watch recorded videos! ***

If you are unable to watch the lives on the date set, you can always watch the saved videos back as they will be kept in the group permanently.


You can also watch the Q&A session back anytime and feel free to message us if you have any questions on making your cake. In fact, the advantage of watching saved videos (rather than watching lives) is that you can always fast forward! 😀


You are advised to watch the tutorial first and NOT making the cake as the same time as Kelvin otherwise you might miss some of Kelvin’s jokes.


📣*** Wait…Kelvin Chua who? ***

Kelvin Chua is the founder of Vinism Sugar Art, Malaysia, an international acclaimed sugar artist who is well known for his highly skilled Royal Icing and cake painting. He is the teacher of many teachers in the royal icing industry. In 2012, Kelvin has been invited as International Guest for the Cake International Show, London, UK.

Kelvin has won many awards from UK:

- Cake Masters Award UK (AKA Cake Oscar), 2018 – Royal icing Award

- Salon Culinaire Hotelympia UK, 2010

- Salon Culinaire Hospitality UK, 2009

- Cake International UK, 2009

- Cake International UK, 2008

Kelvin teaches sugarcraft workshops all over the world since 2010 and has taught in 38 countries so far which includes: Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Philippines, USA, Russia, Estonia, UAE, Qatar, France, Denmark, India, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Sweden, Luxembourg, Peru, Oman, Ghana, Morocco and South Africa.

In 2018, Kelvin’s favourite student Xian Wei Yeo won ‘Best in Show’ in Cake International Birmingham, UK.


✅ You can also see the collection of Kelvin’s artwork here: https://www.vinismsugarart.com/artwork


📣*** Copyright! ***

You should not reteach the cake to your own students or share the video tutorial with others. If you do that and Kelvin finds out, he will hunt you down and haunt you for the rest of your life.


Do feel free to make this cake for your customers and hope this design brings you lots of wealth.


No credit is required. However, if you think Kelvin is a damn good teacher and you really love him or his work then you might want to go to this link: https://www.vinismsugarart.com/shop and check out with PayPal few more times as a token of appreciation 😀

Glory Online Workshop : 1 fee for 2 classes (English description)

RM350.00 Regular Price
RM210.00Sale Price