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Fee: Around USD39.50


This is a online recorded class of making “The gate” out of royal icing.


This creation will take 3-4 days to complete.


The recorded videos will be kept in a Facebook private group.


You will learn :

1. How to make royal icing.

2.How to adjust the icing consistency for piping, the run-out and piping dots.

3.How to make the lights, gate posts and gate made of royal icing.

4. How to pipe scrolls

5. How to pipe basic lines, circle, tear drops, dots

6.How to make an embossed gothic letter.

7.How to make the 3D parts.

8.How to assemble all together.


Recorded class for the '' Royal Carriage'' can be purchased here:


Royal icing ''The Gate'' online class - by Teacher Reina

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